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How much do ray ban wayfarer clear lens glasses cost?

I want authentic ray ban wayfarer clear lens glasses, not fake ones. Can anybody tell me how much they cost?

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  • Isabel cook

    Rayban glasses are usually expensive. If you search it online, you may probably get some cheap rayban eyeglasses. I find a pair of ray ban wayfarer clear lens glasses at are priced at 75$. Maybe this is the right pair you want. If not, you can go where provides brands glasses like Rayban at affordable prices.
  • Rachel kim

    Hi I've been looking around for some high quality Ray- Ban sunglasses for our coming summer, and found that this shop is running a big promotion, see: Got myself a nice pair at a really good price. Free P P too which makes it even better.
  • cocreative

    The cost of ray ban wayfarer clear lens glasses varies depending on the place you get. If you get them from your eye doctor, they will cost you too much. However, if you get them from online optical store, they may only cost you about $100. I ever saw ray ban wayfarer glasses without a prescription at and they are $75 now. I also search them online and find some other online opticla stores offering ray ban wayfarer glasses which are usually between $100 and $200. Try ebay to have a look and they have a large selection of ray ban wayfarer glasses.

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