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Arianna walker


Should i wear Contact lenses or sports glasses for football?

I am going to take part in a football match next week and I have never worn contact lenses. But I cannot hit the ball as well with out my normal glasses. Which one should I choose?
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  • Eric


    If you are going to play football, you'd better choose special made football sports glasses instead of contact lenses. That because you maybe danger if others hit your eyes , head during intense sports. It will make you loss contact lenses or break it thus lead damages to eyes. But those problem not exist in sport glasses. sports glasses made with impact resistant materials that are less to be broke. Besides, wearing it can also shield your eyes during the sports.
  • Kevin


    You'd better wear sports glasses. If you wear contact lenses while playing football, the lenses are easy to get dry, thus they will cause irritation in your eyes. Once you feel uncomfortable in your eyes, you can hardly focus on the ball. Since you wear Regular glasses, you'd better wear prescription sports glasses to play football because they can not only provide you clear vision but also protect your eyes from being injured.