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Why do people also wear sunglasses in winter?

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  • Alopew


    It is not odd to wear sunglasses in the winter because sunglasses are not worn to deter the heat of the sun, sunglasses are worn to prevent the sun's glare from bothering your eyes.
  • Sofee


    Wearing sunglasses in the winter is important because the sun's rays are still strong even though the sun sits lower in the sky than during summer. According to the Mayo Clinic, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage your cornea, lens and other parts of your eye including the eyelid skin.
  • cmoesdf


    Eye doctors support me to wear sunglasses all year long , they protect eyes from the sun is vital to optimum eye health, it is also important that you not wear them all the time so that your eyes do not miss out on the many benefits that come from natural light to the eyes.