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What are the best sunglasses for winter?

I saw some people still wear sunglasses in winter and I also decide to get one. What are the best sunglasses for winter?
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  • Chelsey

    It is depends on what you will used for with the sunglasses. If you just wearing it usually everyday, you can try yellow or orange tinted lenses sunglasses that can increase contrast so as to provide you clear vision especially in overcast day. So, yellow or orange tinted sunglasses are good choices for summer. If you want to use it for some winter sports, you'd better choose some ski sunglasses(or ski goggles) to shield eyes.
  • Alexa murphy

    Go out hiking or skiing in winter, many people will consider wearing sunglasses. According to the optometric veteran, it will endanger our vision If glasses selection is not good. Firstly the quality of the glasses should be assured. eg: to check that is no obvious split between the lens and frame. Secondly, choosing some fashionable sunglasses will make you more charming in plain winter. The Versace sunglasses series for autumn and winter seemed very nice.

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