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William clive

How to clean hairspray off eyeglasses?

When I was spraying my hair in the bathroom, I left my glasses beside unaccidentally. Now they have developed spots I can't get rid of. Any cleaning suggestion?
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  • crockettcastle

    Try applying alcohol to clean hairspray off your eyeglasses. Use a cotton ball to dip into the alcohol and then rub the hairspray in a circular motion. After that wash your glasses with soapy water. I believe the hairspray on your glasses will be removed right away. Finallly you need to rinse your glasses under water and dry them off with a clean cloth. I often clean the hairspray on my eyeglasses in this way and it does work.
  • Cameron giles

    Huhh, it sounds terrible, because I have never heard of such story. To get spots on the glasses seems awful. Perhaps you can come to a glasses store, then find the assistant and ask if he or she can help you. For they have special cleaning water, I know. Usually you can get free service if you are their previous customer.
  • walkingcaine

    Try to use rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. Rub it over the hairspray on the lenses. This will help to clean the hairspray off the eyeglasses lenses. Then you can use a fresh cotton ball to remove the alcohol. Then, wash and rinse the lenses in a warm water to ensure the hairspray is complete remove from lenses. If it still can't clean it, try to use a glass cleaner such as Windex to clean the glasses.
  • Jenya

    Here are some suggestions. Apply the rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. Rub it over the hairspray on the lenses. This will cut through the hairspray and lift it from the glass. Remove the alcohol/hairspray residue with a fresh cotton ball. Wash and rinse the lenses with a mild soap (preferably liquid hand soap) and warm water to ensure complete removal of the hairspray. Wipe them dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. If hairspray remains, try using a glass cleaner such as Windex. Apply it in the same manner as the alcohol.
  • Zoe

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    Regarding to your problem,I think rubbing alcohol can do a lot of favor.Then you can remove this with alcohol cotton.You need to remember that you should do all of this very gently and softly.Then you need to wipe them with dry and clean cloth.U have to keep them clean or your glasses will become dirty again.

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