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David garcia

Why can yellow lens in ski goggles increase visibility?

I am just trying to find out why yellow lens in ski goggles can increase visibility?
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Answers (2)

  • Andrea

    Yellow lens is an ideal choice for ski goggles at night because they can increase visibility. It is said that yellow tinted lens can allow 68 percent of visible light to pass through the lenses. Compared with other darker lenses, yellow lens allow more light in, so they can increase visibility on dark condition like on overcast or foggy days and at night. Besides, yellow goggles can block blue light which is very harmful to eyes and reduce glare as well.
  • Ethan walker

    Yes, most of people are believe yellow lenses can increase visibility especially in cloudy days. According to All About Vision, yellow tinted ski goggles help filter the different wavelengths of light to improve your visibility. Compared other dark lenses, yellow lenses transmit more light and allow sufficient visibility to see on overcast or foggy days.

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