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Robert Potter

How does caffeine affect IOP?

i always have high IOP and my doctor told me not to drink too much coffee. How does caffeine affect IOP?
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  • Michael anderson

    Consuming a large amount of caffeine within a short period of time can lead to high eye pressure. Because caffeine can get into your body and your blood vessels to make heart rate increase. And you may suffer anxiety or other symptoms. Now some kinds of medications like migraine and other pain relievers and foods like chocolate, tea, coffee and colas contain caffeine which can get into your blood vessels easily, thus cause high eye pressure.
  • Isabelle garcia

    IOP is intraocular pressure. And this stems from aqueous humor, fluid in the front of your eye that helps your eye maintain its shape and nourish the tissues. But if you have too much aqueous, it will increases your eye pressure that lead to vision loss by damaging your optic nerve. And coffee contains caffeine. Drinking too much coffee will cause the increasing of heart rate thus lead to increase eye pressure that result eye damages.

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