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Makayla raphael

What is a vision screening for children?

What is a vision screening for children? How is vision screening performed?
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  • Zachary

    Vision screening is a method that is used to test children's eyes to see whether they have got any visual impairment or eye conditions that can lead to visual impairment. Once they have got visual impairment, they can be treated by eye care professional as early as possible. There are many methods that can be used to screen a child's vision. And choosing the right method just depneds on the age of the child who is being screened and the experience of the examiner.
  • candylips167

    Early childhood is an important period of the visual organ development, the vision development and the formation of health habits. Vision screening is way which can help parents clearly know their children’s eye situation. In order to early find out children’s visual impairment, ensure the normal development of children’s vision, and make every children consciously protect vision, vision screening is very necessary.
  • emily_109

    Vision screening is a screening programma which has been set up to test children’s vision, in each eye separately, in order to detect the condition while the child is young and treatment is still possible. This vision screening has been observed for proving whether it is be helpful for reducing the prevalence of untreated amblyopia or not.

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