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Eugenia W.

Where can I buy full black contact lenses?

I want black contact lenses that cover the entire eye. I have seen my friend wear them. Where can I get them?

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  • ejg29

    You can get the full black contact lenses from any optical store either in your local place or at online optical stores. However, before you get full black contact lenses, you should go to see an optometrist to have an eye exam to see whether you are suitable for colored contact lenses. And you can get your prescription after the eye exam. Then you can order the full contact lenses online with your prescription. Here are some websites which offer full balck contact lenses like or Just enter the websites to find your contact lenses you want.
  • Caleb murphy

    Most of fancy dress shop offer full black contact lenses. I saw some excellent full black contact lenses at, And the prices of their contact lenses are ranges from dollars to hundred dollars. If you are going to join a party or prepare for Halloween, you may like this sites. Hope this helps you.

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