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What are side effects of implantable contact lens?

I have heard that implantable contact lens is good for people with severe myopia. Are there any side effects of it?
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  • walkingcaine


    Implantable contact lenses adopt surgically implanted in the eye in front of the natural lens, it is safe, effective and convenient for people with poor vision. However, there are side effects. According to D. Rex Hamilton, MD, FACS, director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center. "The Verisyse lens is not foldable, so it has to go in through a large incision. And that's a negative, It also clips on the iris, and sits in front of the iris, so it's closer to the inner surface of the cornea." That is to say, Implantable contact lenses have higher risk of damages to the cornea.
  • Connor nelson


    Implantable contact lenses are inserted inside the eyes rather than on the surface of the eyeballs. Implantable contact lenses are safe and effective. But there may be a small risk of side effects. Some people may experience eye infection which rarely occurs. Another side effect of implantable contact lens is that they may cause damage to the structure of the eye, thus lead to some eye conditions like Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal complications.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Implantable contact lens (ICL) is the safest and newest eye surgery in the world, which can instead of LASIK, PRK and others, for correcting large amounts of nearsightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism without break or remove corneal tissue. It is suitable for 18-50 years old people who have myopia with or without astigmatism. Meanwhile, the change of degree can't over 0.5D during one year. The pregnant is forbidden to do this surgery as well as the person whose corneal tissue is too thin. Though ICL is an intraocular surgery, the side effect is still existed. Generally, the patient would feel uncomfortable during 24 to 36 hours; a dry sensation and fluctuating vision are the main side effect for ICL lens stabilizes.