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How to get rid of scuff marks out of my plastic sunglasses?

How to get rid of scuff marks out of my plastic sunglasses?
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  • Marissa edward


    To get rid of scuff marks out of plastic sunglasses, you shall first rub a pencil eraser over the surface of the sunglasses untill the scuff mark is gone. Then, spray water displacement spray on the scuff mark and wait for one minute. Then, wipe out the water displacement spray into the scuff mark until it is gone. At last, clean the sunglasses with clear warm water and a soft cloth. Hope this help.
  • walkinginlight


    If the scuff marks are on the surface of the lenses, you'd better take your sunglasses to the eyeglasses store where they can support professional services to you. Your lenses should be reprocessed if there are so many scuff marks. The scuff marks are required polishing if the marks are on the frame of the glasses. To avoid such scuff marks, I suggest you to add an Anti-Scratch coating. Such coating can protect your plastic sunglasses from being scratching by the sharp things. I hope my suggestion may help.
  • Zoe murphy


    To get rid of scuff marks out of your plastic sunglasses, you can wipe the scuff marks with toothpaste. First, squeeze out some toothpaste on your glasses cloth. Second, wipe the scuff marks with the glasses cloth with toothpaste for a moment until it is gone or slighter. At last, you can swill the scuff marks with clear water. If the scuff marks haven't gone or slight enough, you can try it for several times. Hope it help you.
  • cwalsman


    You just need a pencil eraser to rub the sunglasses until the scuff marks disappeared. Then, spray some water on the scuff. Keep it for about 1 minute, and you can remove the scuff as much as you can by rubbing the water into the scuff mark. At last, use the glass cleaner to do the same as the second step.You should take care of you glasses at other times. Firstly, use both hands when you wear or take off your glasses. Secondly, keep the mirror up when placing the glasses. Thirdly, use special glasses cloth to wipe away your glasses. What's more, try to avoid making glasses contact with moisture, lampblack, sweat and some cosmetics, etc. At last, don't keep them in high or low temperature environment for a long time.
  • Alisa O.


    There are some fashion glasses frames now, for example, round black frame, black wide frame, and Leopard and most of these are plastics. As far as I'm concerned, black frames are the most fashionable frames. Fashion means many people follow in it, but it doesn’t mean they are fit for everyone. There are something important in selecting a pair of glasses, such as eyes, hair style, face and skin tone. So what you should choose would be the one which fit you most instead of the one most fashionable.
  • campbell


    There are several ways to remove the scuff marks out of your plastic sunglasses. In the first pace, you can buy some certain repairing liquid that can get rid of the scuff marks on the sunglasses. You need to drop the liquid onto the surface of the scratched sunglasses and clean them BEFORE it's dry. Secondly, I think you can go to the glasses stores to find the specific technicians to help you to repair the scuffed sunglasses. I hope this will be helpful.