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Is it bad to rub your eyes too much?

When I wash off my makeup at night I often rub my eyes, it makes me feel good. But is it bad for my eyes?
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  • griffin

    Rubbing your eyes too much can cause the discomfort of your eye cornea, and it also can cause the inflammation and infection of your eyes. In general, rubbing eyes can not solve any problems, but will cause some diseases. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, and make something into your eyes when you washing off your makeup, it may bring some bacteria into your eyes and cause inflammation. So you should not rub your eyes too much.
  • walksonfloors

    Yes, it is bad habit to rubbing your eyes too much. Rubbing your eyes will scratch your cornea in case there is dibris in your eye. Of course, if you want to wash your face and eyes after makeup, you shall be careful to clean the skin around your eyes and your eyelashes to avoid any hurt to the eyes. Don't let something in your eyes and scratch the cornea.
  • hand_to_mouth

    Many people like to rub eyes when their eyes when they feel uncomfortable, that's a bad custom, ophthalmologist pointed that rub eyes often may causes astigmatism, that is one important reason of myopic eye. And rubbing eyes too much will make the skin around your eyes flabby, wrinkle will come. so don't rub your eyes too much.
  • Bug

    You can do it. But you cannot start to like the habit, because it can really cause serious consequences, results in eye infection and several other disorders. If you cannot resist to rub your eyes, try to get some eye drop which will help you to keep your eyes wet and comfortable. Sometimes rubbing eyes cannot relieve that sense but get it worse.

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