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Debbie Morton

how long should children wear eye patch?

how long should children with lazy eyes wear eye patch? Is it the more the better?
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  • Danielle lewis

    Lazy eye is also called Amblyopia that is the loss of one eye's ability to see details. This is a common vision problems for children. And a study shows that there is no extra benefit for kids with lazy eye to wear an eye patch for more than six hours daily. Though wearing eye patch sometimes helps. If you wear eye patch to much everyday, it may make your lazy eyes more worse.
  • Ryan

    A new study shows that it will not give you more benefits if children wear eye patch for more than six hours daily. In the research, The kids were grouped to wear an eye patch for six hours per day or 12 hours per day to see which eye patch "dose" was more effective. It turns out that both doses were equally effective. Also children don't like wearing eye patches too long. So six hours a day is enough.
  • Saarah

    Usually, it is suitable for the kids to wear eye patch for 3 to 4 hours per day for continuous 12 weeks. In general, the lazy eyes are also called amblyopia. It is a normal vision deficiency of an eye that fails to transmit or poorly transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain for a certain period. It is effective to improve eyes' ability to focus by wearing eye patch mandatory to treat amblyopia. At the same time, the relevant equipment can shrink the period of treating amblyopia. Additionally, the treatment can be obvious good when the kids are 3 to 6, and there is useless if the kid is above 12.

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