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What situations may be hazardous to wear contact lenses?

What situations may be hazardous for people to wear contact lenses?
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  • Lauren

    Wearing contact lenses in some situations may cause serious damage to the eyes. Contact lens wearers should stay away from chemical splashes and hot, dry environments. Because some chemicals can pass through the lens and be held against the cornea by the lens itself.
  • Cameron

    Wearing contact lenses is convenient and good-looking for us, but there are some hazardous situations we should pay attention to. First of all, we should avoid wearing a torn contact lens, for the torn contact lenses would hurt your eyes’ cornea and thus cause a lot of eye diseases, which is really bad for the health and safety of your eyes. Secondly, we must get rid the habit of wearing contact lenses for all day long or even while we are sleeping. We should give our eyes a lot of rest instead of overusing it. At last, we need to develop a good habit of washing our contact lenses quite often. The dirts and bacteria on our contact lenses are harmful to our eyes. If we don't wash them regularly, we may easily catch eye disease.

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