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what glasses are good for a narrow face?

i have a narrow face so huge glasses look like crap on me! i wonder what kind of glasses are good for a narrow face?
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  • ryan


    It is hard to tell because i don't know your face shape, facial features, skin color as well ad your personal style. Usually, a narrow face paired with a small face. If you have a small narrow faces, you shall try some small size eyeglasses frames such as small round eyeglasses or small metal oval eyeglasses. That will make your face look bigger and more noticeable. To be sure, you shall try one some glasses frames and test it out yourself. Good luck.
  • exxxtazzzy


    You have 2 choices to make the face balanced, but you should make sure if your face is long or short. People having a long face need full frame glasses or semi rimless glasses to reduce frown lines; for those having a short face need rimless glasses to improve the brow line. Objective to examine your chin and jaw, you will find the line.That is one of the important references of the selected frame. To balance one's face, you must follow the match between the line of cheeks and chin, and at the beginning of frame and the bottom. Otherwise, that is the reason why someone’ cheeks look fatter or thinner.