Do I still need glasses after cataract surgery?

Do I still need glasses after cataract surgery? Will cataract surgery restore my vision?
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  • Linda

    It should depend on what type of cataract surgery you have. If you choose Cataract Surgery with a traditional Lens, you still need glasses for intermediate and near. If you have significant astigmatism before surgery, then you need glasses for distance as well. If you choose surgery with a Premium Lens Implant, it can eliminate or significantly reduce the need for glasses for distance, intermediate, and near work.
  • Luke oliver

    Yes, in most cases, glasses are needed after cataract surgery. The surgery can change the focus of the eye. So, new eyeglasses may be needed once the eyes completely recover from the surgery. If the focus is set for distance vision, reading glasses might need for near vision, vice versa. But, you needn't worry, it is normal to wear eyeglasses.

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