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How can i aviod some visual habits for the sake of eye health ?

I heard that our visual habits is closely related to our eye health. So, i want to form some good vision habits. How can i avoid some visual habits for the sake of eye health ?
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  • garcia


    To maintain a good eye health, the most important thing is to avoid overusing your eyes. Don't spend much time in reading tiny words without break and read books in the bed. Incorrect reading posture can even cause straubismus. Avoid playing excessively video games. Games that involve watching balls - ping-pong, badminton, kicking shuttlecocks are recommended.
  • Connor nelson


    1. Keep the correct posture of speaking, reading and writing. 2. Choose good environment when you use your eyes. 3. Develop good eye-use habit. 4. Insist on doing eye exercise 5. Ensure enough sleep time, balanced nutrition 6. Go to hospital regularly to check your eyes' condition
  • walkingalone121


    Yes, many of the visual habits nowadays are bad for our eye health. Computer is one of the worst culprit. We are becoming more and more lazy, even not willing to leave it and take a precious break. Dim the light of your computer screen and don't stare at one point for too long, blink frequently. Take a 10 min’s break every 40~50min. There is nothing more simple and more important than breaking. Always wash your hands and don’t rub your eyes. Often take eye exercises, and pay more attention to our eyes. Wear sunglasses when UV is strong outside, no matter in winter or summer. Don't drink alcohol or smoking, which can worsen dry eye and high intraocular pressure. Eat more food that is good for eyes, such as walnut, peanut, tea of mountain daisy and medlar, black bean, milk, jujube, cassia seed tea, etc. fresh vegetable and fruits are also strongly recommended.