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Christian george

Can i wear circle contact lenses even if I have myopia?

Are circle contact lenses safe? Will it damage my eyes?
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  • Ryan

    Of course, you can wear colored (circle) contact lenses even if you have myopia. Colored contact lenses also could have prescription. But whether they are safe or not depending on the quality of the contacts and the way you wear them. If the colored contact lenses are in unqualified, they may cause some eye diseases like eyeballs hurt by them as they touch them directly, your vision become narrower, cornea anoxia and dry eye. Still, if you can not keep them clean when you store and wear them, they may also cause these problems. So, if you just want to wear them for look, I think you should have another pair of normal contacts to wear instead of having them in your eyes every day.
  • hanes3777

    Of course you can. As you have myopia, I suggest you to wear circle contact lenses. They are convenient to wear and good to look. And considering there are some bad-qualified circle contact lenses in the market. I'd suggest you to buy them from some formal glasses stores for safety. As long as you wear them correctly and wash them regularly, the circle contact lenses will definitely not do any harm to your eyes. What's more, remember not wear them for too long.
  • cajunbel29

    If you want to wear colored (circle) contact lenses, Firstly, you should make sure that you have more than eighteen years old. Colored (circle) contact lenses will cause great harm to your eyes. In particular, for the younger, the eyes have not been fully developed. Poor quality may make you suffer from some diseases . Also, if you wear for a long time, you may feel pain and fatigue. On the other hand, colored (circle) contact lenses will make the eyes look more beautiful. So, If you really want to wear, you must pay attention to develop good habits with the eyes.
  • Danielle lewis

    You had better not to do that. The contact lens is convenient for people to wear in daily life. There are two main categories based on its usage that are corrective and non-corrective. The circle contact lens is created in Japan, which has a larger diameter than the regular lens thus giving a larger round iris. It's a kind of non-corrective contact lens, in other words, its function is decorating the eye instead of correcting the eye vision. On the other hand, myopia means the people who can see the nearby objects blurry. It can be corrected by corrective glasses, including corrective contact lens, but not the circle contact lens.

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