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How to deal with wandering eyes?

I try to stop my wandering eyes. Is there anyone who has tips for my wandering eyes? Any tips for stopping this embarrassing habit?
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  • Sharron Green

    Wandering eyes are also known as crossed eyes. This kind of disorder will cause one or both two eyes to wander away then people focus on something. Wandering eyes are typically diagnosed when people do routine optometry. Some kind of serious patient can be found this symptom. Wandering eyes can be treated by physical therapy, such as do eye exercises, wear specially designed glasses and surgery. I advise you to go to hospital to confirm the root reason of your wandering eyes and then choose the suitable therapy for best result.
  • green

    It can be cured with physical therapy which is in the form of eye exercises, or a pair of special designed glasses. If you are in an extreme condition, you may need a surgery. So, go and see an eye doctor, have him make you a therapy plan. Or you can do some eye exercises by yourself. For example, cover your healthy eye, and gaze at something with the wandering eye. If both of them are wandering eyes, you can cover one of them to watch something and then switch to the other. Other exercises like threading needles, painting and try to gaze at the point of a pen take by yourself, and then make it near to the middle of your eyes, and near and near. Do the last one again can really help you with your wandering eyes.

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