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Is there the best way to store my contact lenses?

I am looking for the best way store and keep your contact lenses in good condition? Any idea? Thanks in advance.
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  • Andrea warren


    If you do not wear your contacts often, you should place them in the shade and the temperature should not be high. You can keep them in the flowing four steps: 1. Clean the contacts double box, and full them with contact lens care solution. 2. Take out the contacts from your eyes and scrub them with your fingers more than 30 minutes. 3. Put the clean contact lenses into the boxes. Make sure both of them are covered with the solution. 4. Twist the lids.
  • chocolate_cute


    Contact lenses should not be stored in anything other than contact solution, and should be cleaned every time you take them out. You can soak them in the solution for days on end and they'll be fine. Once you take them out, though, just rinse them in clean solution. Don't completely soak the contacts in solution- that's a waste of money! Just cover the lenses enough so that they don't stick out. Also, store your case in an area that's room temperature because other temperatures affect the lenses like you thought. The cold makes the contacts more rigid, and the heat makes them looser and flatter.
  • Alexa


    Yes, there are several good ways to help you to store your contact lenses. In the first place, you should keep your contacts clean. Go to the stores to buy some cleaners for your lenses and then wash the contacts carefully each tome after you wear them. Secondly, put the contact lenses in a certain case with some amount of drops in it to keep contacts moist. Hope this will be helpful.