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What is the best choices, sports glasses or sports contact lenses?

I enjoy the fun of some sports activities. But I am poor vision and need vision aids. So, what is the best choices, sports eyeglasses or sports contact lenses? If sports contact lenses are better, which brand shall i choose?
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  • Jerry H.


    It depends. Some people think that sports contact lenses are better because it is very convenient when you engage in sports like you are not wearing glasses. But still a group of people prefer prescription sports glasses. Because they think that sports glasses can not only provide their vision aids, but also shield their eyes from unexpected dangers or harmful UV rays( if they enjoy outdoor sports). So, Which is the best choices maybe depending on which sports you like. And i heard that Nike Sports Contact lenses are good. If you want to buy contact lenses, you can have a try.
  • aaron


    I strongly recommend you to wear prescription sports glasses because they can offer you better eye protection than sports contact lenses. Both prescription spots glasses and contact lenses can make you see clearly. However, prescription sports glasses not only offer clear vision but also protect you from accident dangers. As we know. Sports can be dangerous and sports glasses can prevent debris and dust and other particles getting into your eyes. So choose sports glasses.