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Which one is better, monovision contact lenses or mutifocal contact lenses?

It seems that both monovision contact lenses and mutifocal contact lenses can help people who need vision aids for both far and near vision. But which on is better?

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  • walkingalone089

    monovision contact lenses are made to help people correct vision for both near and far. A pair of Monovision contact lenses is made of two different lenses- one lenses to correct only for distance vision in one eye while the other for only near vision in other eye. Different from monovision contact lenses, mutifocal contact lenses can provide vision correction at all distances in both eyes. So, i think mutifocal contact lenses are better than monovision contacts.
  • David Felker

    Sometimes, you will be recommended to wear mutifocal contact lenses instead of monovision contact lenses. There is no doubt that the mutifocal contact lenses are a better choice. Monovision contact lenses are mainly applied to 40-45 presbyopia elderly. Although to some extent, they can satisfy your reading needs. However, they have some limitations that maybe cause some symptoms, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, general malaise and so on. Moreover, in special circumstances, such as driving at night must be considered. Fortunately, for the disadvantages above, they can be avoided by mutifocal contact lenses. Unlike monovision contact lenses which only have two different lens. Rather, mutifocal contact lenses can meet the eyes of all distances reading. Therefore, the choice of the latter is better.

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