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Debra Havel

What are good eye supplements for children?

I am looking for good eye supplements for my little kid. What eye supplements should i go for? Thanks in advance!
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  • Zoe murphy

    First, vitamin A and protein, the deficiency of these two supplements can cause cataracts, night blindness and corneal lesions. You can let your kid eat more fish, egg, so products to get high quality protein and rich vitamin. Second, vitamin C, in the human eye, the content of vitamin C is higher, but with increasing age, the content of vitamin C in the eyes will obviously decline, which result in lens malnutrition, in turn cause the deformation of the lens, so you should pay attention to it. Third, vitamin B, it is an important substance to guarantee nerve cell metabolism in nerve, and it can also protect the eyelids and cornea. Fourth, other trace elements, the eye is a very complex organ, which contains many trace elements, although there are very small, but they have important roles, such as zinc, chromium, molybdenum and selenium. If you want to protect your baby's eyes, you need to let your kid intake above nutrition elements.
  • Jordan

    For the kids' eye's health, take reasonable nutrition, strengthen physique to develop a reasonable living system. Taking in a rich diet containing vitamin A, B2, C, E food in daily life. eat liver, milk, egg yolks, green vegetables, carrots and other fresh foods, but also eat more coarse grains, and eat less candy, limit taking in overmuch animal fat. Rich calcium is also very good for the kids' eyes. Calcium can eliminate the ocular tension. Food like Beans and soy products in the food, dairy, fish, shrimp contain lavish calcium.

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