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Sue Livingston


What are best nutritional supplements for eye floaters?

I want to know if there are some healthy supplements to alleviate eye floaters because I have been bothered with floaters in my eye. If so, what is it.
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  • Michelle


    Eye floaters can be divided into types: pathological floaters and physiological floaters. Pathological floaters is a manifestation of the disease, it is mainly caused by a high degree of myopia and internal bleeding in the eyeball or caused by inflammation. These reasons can be found through a simple check, so it needs to be treated according to cause of disease. You should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, which are good for your eyes. For physiological floaters, it can not find out the cause of disease, so you need to pay attention in your daily life. You should quit smoking, stop drinking, eat more fish, liver, wolfberries, chrysanthemum, and also should have enough sleep. Hope this information can help you.
  • Alexander


    Floaters are caused by Vitreous degeneration, and many people have this problem, and it may exist for a long time but do not influence vision, which is called Physiological floaters, Generally speaking, do not need treatment, so you do not worry about this, but need daily care. Learn to relax yourself and do some exercises everyday, and ensure enough sleep. If you feel that the number of floaters sharply growing in a short time, or have abnormal flash, or The line of sight has been screened, pay attention to it! You may have the Pathological floaters. Pathological floaters are always caused by other Eye disease, like retina off, uveitis and so on. In that situation, your need to check your eye in the hospital and find out what is the problem, don not let it go or deal with it all by yourself, because the key problem is not the floaters but the eye disease. All in all, if you have Physiological floaters, you do not need use special drug or nutritional supplements, just form a good living habits and eating habits. If you have Pathological floaters, go to the hospital and the doctor will give you the best treatment.
  • Jade


    There are two main types of eye floaters according to the reason. These are physiological eye floaters and pathological eye floaters. The symptoms of the former: just one or two floaters flying in front of you, and they are more obvious when you are tired. These kinds of floaters do not need treatment by the doctor. You just need to have your eyes to break 5-10 minutes after one hour's work, and you still should avoid too tired. As for nutritional supplements, Vitamin A is a necessary nutrient for eyes. V-c and V-e are helpful to eye immunity. V-b could do well with boosting metabolism. They are all helpful to the floaters. Eat more animal liver, eggs, beans, meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and fish, less spicy food and drink less coffee in your daily life you can get these nutrient composition. At last, you should never smoke! If you feel there is strange shining, the floaters increased in a short time and there is something obstructive when you watch something. Attention please, you may suffer from the pathological eye floaters. Except the nutrition above mentioned, you should see a doctor.