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Kelly eddy

How can i relieve my overnight dry eyes?

I stayed up . Now my eyes are very dry. What can i do for dry eye relief in a short time?
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  • cwalsman

    There are 4 steps available to control your dry eyes. Firstly, try to get some eye-lid application of aloe vera liquid to apply on your eyes and also drink 4 or 5 tablespoons in addition a day. Secondly, drip a drop of castor in each of your eyes at bedtime. Thirdly, try to avoid acidic drinks and foods such as coffee, hot peppers. Finally make sure you are alkalized. If your body condition is acidic, you will have all kinds of problems. In terms of that, you should use baking soda three times daily and one teaspoon with each dose until you can feel the difference. Add some moisture where you stay in your daily life and make sure let your eyes have a rest from a long time of working or reading.
  • Michelle

    If you always stay up late, it is unavoidable to feel eyes dry. For this condition, you should take some measures. I guess you always use computer or reading books for a long time in the night. But remember, do not do the same thing all the time. Close your eyes for a rest or look at the far for a while every other hour. Eat more fruit and vegetables, because they contain vitamins which good for eyes. I suggest you drink some green tea when you stay up because it could provide vitamins C and supply enough moisture. What is more, you had better not wear contact lenses unless it is necessary, because it may reduce the tear secrete. You also can use a damp and hot towel on your eyes for 10 minutes in the morning to help your eyes discharge secretion. All the ways above are things you can do on the daily time. If you want relieve it in a short time, try the artificial tears or use Eye ophthalmic gel. But in nature, they are drugs, drugs may have side effects, so I think the ''daily time'' ways are more health and helpful.
  • eisenstiefel

    First of all, you should have good sleep in the next days. Second, you can drink water as much as you can. If it is possible, 6 cups of days at least. But it should not be coke or coffee, as they will consume the water in your body. Do not wear contacts in the flowing days and stay in air-condition house, so, you should stay in moist house. You also should avoid to looking to drying machine or electrical fans directly. You can drop some artificial tears, but it could not more than 6 times a day.

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