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Do sunglasses help to keep my skin about eyes younger?

I know sunglasses can shield our eyes and the skin around eyes in sun. But will sunglasses help to keep my skin around my eyes younger?
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Answers (2)

  • Shureluck

    In summer, uv rays are so strong and are harmful to our eyes and the skin around eyes. By wearing oversized sunglasses, our eyes and skin can get uv protection. As we know, the skin around our eyes is quite fragile. It is important to wear sunglasses to protect the skin and the eyes. If you want to your skin around eyes get good protection, wrap around sunglasses are recommended for they can cover more facial parts than other sunglasses.
  • Kelly

    Yes, it has that function. The sunglasses are used for people to protect their eyes under the sun as well as the skin around the eyes. Because of the nutrition occupies a big part in the total condition of people's skin. An important component of nutrition is the water. The sunglasses can keep skin moisture from being evaporated, and reducing squinting when the sunlight is bright.

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