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Kelly Dalton

Can i use homemade contact lense solution ?

I make contact lenses solution by myself. Can i use that homemade contact lenses solution to clean it? Is it ok to do that?

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  • walkingwounde_d

    Yes, you can do it by yourself. I know the most widely and common used homemade contact lens solutions is a saline solution. You can produce it by dissolving salt in distilled water. But it also risks. Besides, you shall store the solution in a cool place and keep the solution clean.
  • cookie127

    Yes, it could be alternative to work as contact lenses solution. Saline contact lens solution is a most widely used home made contact lens solution. It's made of dissolving salt in distilled water to store contact lenses. However, the homemade contact lens solution would lead to some risks to wearers. For example, the ingredients and the environment factor would not sterile to expose some harmful bacteria.
  • Robert

    Of course you can, but you should take care of such things. You must prepare fresh the contact lenses solution. I do not think using the no-fresh contact lenses solution is a good idea. So, actually, making homemade contact lenses solution is not a convenient thing because you have to prepare them every time you need them and you also should be very careful to get rid of contamination. Considering the convenience, I recommend you to buy contact lenses solution. They are not really expensive.

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