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What are risks of using expired contact lenses?

I broke my eyeglasses. And right now, there is a pair of expired contact lenses by my hand. If i don't wear it, everything is blurring. So, what are the risks of using my expired contact lenses?
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  • Benjamin


    I suggest you not wear the expired contact lenses. If you are very poor vision and need emergency vision aids, you can ask your families to buy it for you. The expired contact lenses are not promised in quality and eyes. It can damages your eyes by infections. In details, you can also get blur vision with the contacts. So, throw it away.
  • Brooke


    Like all the other things, the contact lens also has a valid date. Some people would think that they can be still wear if the lenses are unopened. Though the contact lenses are sealed in airtight containers with saline solution, it's really risky if people are wearing expired contact lenses. Because of the seal on these containers becomes weak if it's over the valid date. It's easy to contaminate the saline solution as well as the lenses, thus the infection and blurring sensation would associate with wearing expired contact lenses. Meanwhile, you would feel the contact lenses are dry quicker. The most serious result would be blindness.