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Does wearing contact lenses cause headache?

I saw someone online says that wearing contact lenses can cause headache. I am a person who often wears contact lenses. So, i am very concerned about it. Does wearing contact lenses really cause headache?
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  • Robert Johnson


    In fact, wearing contact lenses itself won't cause headache. Your headache may be caused by the discomfort of wearing contact lenses at the beginning. Since most of soft contact lenses are not good in providing air permeability when you wear it, your eyes may feel umcomfortable such as foreign sensation, eye strain etc. That makes you misunderstood as headache. Don't worry, it will be Ok as long as you adapt it.
  • Luis lewis


    There are three reasons that may cause the problem. First, the eyes have been injured or suffered disease. Second, the glasses themself have something wrong. Maybe the water content and ability of oxygen through of the lenses are not suitable for your eyes. Or the degree of your eyes has changed. Don not always stay up or wear contact for a long time. Especially not wear contact look at the computer, because this increase risk of suffering cataract. Wearing contact lenses may cause headache, but if you pay more attention to the daily life, the problem can be avoid.
  • gerard


    It is very common to feel headache if you wear the contact lenses at the beginning because our eyes are so sensitive and need the time to adapt the contact lenses, in the way of having a good rest and using the eyedrops to keep the contact lenses clean and watery. And if you also feel not comfortable until you wear for a long time would like to suggest you to try another different brand, or see the doctor to get the professional information.