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What are good remedies for contact lens discomfort?

This is my first time to wear contact lenses and i feel very uncomfortable. Are there anyway good remedies to help me? You answer will be appreciated.
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  • Victor


    It is normal for people experience discomfort when they first time wear it. To reduce your discomfort, you can use some Artificial tears or eye drops which can help you adapt the lenses and comfort your eyes. With some eye drops, they can keep your eyes moist, thus to help you. Besides, you shall not wear the contact lenses too long at the first day - two hours is ok. Then you can gradually add the time for wearing contact lenses every day.
  • ebbainthesky


    Though contact lenses are more convenient for people who need correct eye vision or decorate eyes to wear in daily life, some people could feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses in the beginning. Hence, there are some remedies can be used to relieve the discomfort. In general, the contact lenses can cause dryness thus cause uncomfortable of eyes. The artificial tears are considered as the premier choice to relieve the dryness. Or you can get some nutritional supplements to produce enough tears naturally. You can eat more salmon and other fish to get more omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseed oil, which can encourage tear gland to produce more tears. Another cause is environmental allergens, such as small dust, bacteria. Because of the contact lenses are directly wearing on the surface of eyeballs. You had better frequent cleaning them when remove and buildup. If above factors are not the source of uncomfortable, you should check whether the contact lenses perception fit you. If not, you have to adjust or change contact lenses until you feel comfortable.