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What to do when i get alcohol in my eye?

I feel hurt when the alcohol splashed into my eyes by accident. I washed my eyes immediately. Now i still feel uncomfortable. Can you tell me is there any method to help me?
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  • Caroline


    Most people may use the water wash the eyes directly. However it is better to use the normal saline to see whether there is damage in the epithelium which may be fallen because of the alcohol. The faster you wash your eyes, the better the situation is. Then, you should use the antibiotic eyedrops to prevent from the infection. Last of all, you'd better go to the ophthalmology to have a check. Usually after the right washing in time, your eyes will recover gradually. At last, you should be careful next time, avoiding such thing to happen again. If this is not washed immediately, the result may be serious.
  • clairegriffon


    The main element of alcohol is Ethanol; it's a kind of mild and organic solvent. It may bring you a little irritating feeling when it gets into your eyes. Please wash it with clean water thoroughly and immediately. No serious hurt will be caused by it, so please don't worry. Alkali will do harm to your eyes more than acid material. Ethanol is belonged to weak acid fields. If it remains just in a second with a bit splash, there will be no question with timely water washing. However, if strong discomfort exists, or find some hurt in your eyes, you must promptly go to a doctor.
  • Zoe


    Please do not worry. Just wash your eyes with water. Again and again. If you still fell uncomfortable, please go and see a doctor.
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  • Aaron


    If you get alcohol in your eye, you need take a large amount of water for flushing. And the alcohol strength is the crux of the matter. Industrial alcohol strength is so high that it will hurt your eyes. You have to go to the specialized hospital to do the eye exam because it may be cause blind. If it is medical alcohol, which will be fine as the alcohol strength is low.
  • Alexia


    It is really terrible. Considering your emergent situation, I strongly recommend that you take immediate actions. Keep your eyes wide open to let the alcohol volatilize, then go and get some clean water to cleanse your eyes. If your eyes still feel comfortable, you'd better go and visit a doctor before things get worse. But if the amount of alcohol is not too great, everything will be fine. Hope my advice is helpful.
  • Alexandra


    Sometimes you would careless to make alcohol into your eyes. The main integrate of alcohol is ethanol, which is a mild and organic solvent, in other words, it's a weak acid material. Though you would feel stimulate your eyes thus you could use tap water to wash eyes immediately and keep for a while. And you should go to see the eye doctor if the situation doesn't go better.
  • elen_t


    It is likely that the alcohol was not completely irrigated off after the splash. It is likely that the residual alcohol not rinsed off has irritated the cornea to cause mild conjunctivitis. I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation. In the meantime, I suggest that you use over the counter Zaditor eye drop 4 times daily, and also use preservative free tear drop such as Refresh or Genteal eye drop 4 times daily.
  • David Safir


    You need wash your eyes immediately with the normal saline or rinsing. Then you should have a check in the ophthalmic hospital in a timely manner. Because the alcohol can lead to corneal epithelium breakage, you need to find out whether your epithelium is damaged. If it happens, you must use the antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection at least for three days and epithelial defects will recover in 24-48 hours.
  • Salarina