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What are the disadvantages of extend wear contact lenses?

I heard that extend contact lenses are better than other contacts. You can wear it for a long time. But what i want to know their side effects so as to avoid eye damages. So, what are the disadvantages of extend wear contact lenses?
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  • carolynx66


    Compared with soft lenses, extend wear contact lenses are more durable and comfortable. But every coin has two sides, there are also disadvantages of extend eyewear. Extend wear contact lenses will not correct all vision problems. Besides, since extend contact lenses can last for some days, it will gather many bacterium that can increase the risk of complication.
  • Justin williams


    Extended wear contact lenses, is not like the normal contact lenses, which you can wear overnight. Its function is similar to the other types of contact lenses. However, some people would think it's too risky to wear the extended contact lenses due to some shortcomings. Because it's easy to accumulate bacteria and other potential dangerous microorganisms on the extended contact lenses. Also it reduces the oxygen supply to eyes thus it increases the risk of infection.