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Will contact lenses easily fall out of your eye?

One of my classmate said that her contact lenses often fall out of her eyes. I also wear contacts and never have similar experience. So, will contact lenses easily fall out of your eyes? If so , how do you deal with it?
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  • Cassy


    Whether the contact lenses are easy to fall out of the eyes depends on the physique of different people. The situation between you and your friend can prove this. The reason why your friend always say his contact lenses fall out of the eyes can't leave with the fact that her eyes are dry because of the less tear. However, there is another possible reason that may leads to this situation. That is the contact lenses which are about to expire.
  • Cameron smith


    Generally speaking, contact lenses do not so easily fall out of your eyes if you have had the most suitable contact lenses for you. The following reasons may cause your contact lenses easily fall out of your eyes. First, you need to assure that you are not so sensible to the material of the contact lenses by asking help for the doctors. Then, you should have a pair of contact lenses that are the most suitable for you, like the size of the contact lenses, good diaphaneity and the surface of the contact lenses, all those are important components to know whether your contact lenses easily fall out of your eyes. Third, your contact lenses must be kept clean and avoid bacteria pollution. Make sure your contact lenses are clean before you wear it. If your contact lenses easily fall out of your eyes, having another pair of contact lenses may make you better, having enough time to sleep and having a break after seeing the things with your eyes for a long time, having the eyedrops , all those can make you feel better.
  • Ariana oliver


    I have never had such experience either. Perhaps your friend did not wear his contacts tight. Or he just got the opposite side of the contacts. Actually, once the contacts are will set, they are not likely to fall out of the eyes, even if you are going to do some fierce sports. But in the mean time, you should remind your friend to keep his eyes moist whenever possible, therefore, this problem will be fixed.