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Why do my eyes burn whenever I take out my prescription contact lenses?

I am nearsighted and wear prescription contacts. But it really hurts. Whenever I take them out my eyes, i feel my eyes are burning and itch. Why? What causes this? How to get rid of it?
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  • Mariah


    For the reason, I think it may because you have got your lenses some dirty things which can make your eyes infected. In this situation, you can find some effective way to wash your hands before you take out your contact lenses. Besides, it may because you are wearing the contact lenses for a long time which can do harm to your eyes too. So, you should pay attention to your wearing time and control it. Also you can drop some eye drops before you take them out. But if you still feel painful and itch, you'd better go and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Jordan owen


    Well, what you have got may be resulted from a series of reasons. Sometimes if you don't keep your contacts box clean and disinfect it on a daily basis, it will be a good breeding ground for bacteria, thus, your eyes might be infected. Also, be sure that you don't use the contacts too much because it is better not to generate reliability on them. If things remain unchanged, you can go to see a doctor and see where did things go wrong.
  • Daniel christian


    Wearing contact lenses is always concerned with burning sensation, irritation of the eye. This may be the reason that you feel eye burning whenever you take out of your prescription contact. If you do not use any lens solution, it might be due to lens tearing. And you shall remove your contact lenses every day before you go to bed. And proper using of some eye drops is necessary..
  • Dan Samberg


    Yeah, I have the similar problem as you. I used to take out of my prescription contact lenses and feel a little itch. And I find the reason at last. It is because of my unclear hands. Sometimes my hands have touched the irritating things before I take off the contact lenses. And the common toilet soap will not get rid of its irritation and I don't realize it. Maybe you have done the thing with me. If not, the reason may be long time wearing which may cause the eyes dry. You can use the eyedrop before taking off. It is also useful.