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Where is the best place to buy vinage horn rimmed glasses?

I love vintage and i want to get horn rimmed glasses. They are so classic. Can you guys tell some good places that sell retro horn rimmed glasses at reasonable prices? Thanks.
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Answers (3)

  • Angelica giles

    Yes, vintage horn rimmed glasses are classic and won't out of fashion at least in recent years. Now, In the very time that people pursuit retro fashion, you can buy vintage horn rimmed glasses. And i find a sites where provide many vintage horn rimmed eyeglasses. Hope this help you:
  • EDWIN Caster

    When it comes to horn rimed glasses, you can find places that sell vintage eyewear since horn rimmed glasses are one typical type of vintage eyewear. If you want to find inexpensive horn rimmed glasses, there are so many stores to go online. horn rimmed glasses at online eyeglasses stores will cost you less than those at local stores. For finding online vintage glasses, you just google it and a lot of choices come to you.
  • herry poent

    If your local shops don't have them, just look on any of the on-line eyeglasses sites.

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