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Jacob adams

How to prevent puffy swollen eyes after crying?

I was really hurt and cry a lot. Now, i find that my eyes are puffy and swollen, but need to go work right now. Can you tell me how to prevent such puffy eyes quickly?
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  • Miranda clark

    The best way to prevent puffy swollen eyes after crying is to avoid crying. To keep a wonderful peace of mind is very important for your health. I heard that, the sorrow emotion will bring much toxin in your endocrine system till its disorders. Anyway, to solve your problem now is to use a towel which soaked full of cool water then apply it to your eyes, do massage around your eye socket and your temple as well as your eyebrow. If possible, you can make up, the blemish balm cream adopt around your eyes will be helpful in a short time.
  • christy9589

    If you cry at night and just fall asleep after crying, you will absolutely get the puffy swollen eyes. However, you can prevent this by not closing your eyes immediately after crying. You may use the cold towel to cover your eyes after crying which may be very helpful.
  • Logan

    There are few tips for you 1. Use ice packs or ice towels to cover the eyes for 3-5 minutes which can constricts the blood vessels and help reduce swelling. 2 Use the cotton pad soaked in ice milk and apply it on the eyelids for ten minutes after which the swelling will despair. 3 Use the chamomile tea bags to cover your eyes that can relieve swelling. 4. Spread the cold Papaya-mint tea on eyelids, which also can relieve swelling. 5 massage your eyes with hot poached egg.
  • Kaylee tuener

    The pressure of eyes is changeable, the future is uncertain so you need to pay attention to regular checks and controls. Generally wearing contact lenses does not cause increased intraocular pressure, if your intraocular pressure is higher than normal, stop wearing contact lenses, checking vision and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness so as to clarify the relationship between the high intraocular pressure and contact lenses.

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