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Matthew baker

Who can tell me how to remove lenses from my wayfarer sunglasses?

I broke the lenses of my wayfarer sunglasses. I want to remove the lenses and install the frames other lenses. Can you tell me how to remove the lenses from my wayfarer sunglasses?
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Answers (3)

  • Paula Lovell

    Those are expensive frames. It may be worth it to take them to a place that makes eyeglasses and let them do it for you. You probably won't have to pay much. But if you insist on doing it yourself, try soaking them in very hot water. That should make them a bit more flexible and you can pop out the lens and pop in the new one.
  • Kelly gary

    Although this job is always done by the experienced man in the glasses store, you can do this carefully by yourself. Firstly, you should put your wayfarer sunglasses in the hot water to soak for a while. Then it becomes flexible. You can easily take it off and exchange the new one.
  • Jerry

    In you situation, I suggest you should not remove lenses by yourself. As we know that the wayfarer sunglasses are made in perfect design and they also have their own special structures. If you are not a professional person who can deal with them well, you'd better not remove them but take them to a store in which the wayfarer sunglasses are sold. So they can help you with a perfect service. If you do it by yourself and damage them, it will make you cost more money.

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