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Makayla raphael


While I am doing eye exercises, should I wear my contact lenses or remove them before doing?

I am a 24 year old girl and my power is -4.75.I am wearing contact lenses now. I am really keen on reducing my power, please suggest some websites which explains more about what eye exercises are best for me.
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  • 04/12/2012

    You should remove your contact lenses before you do eye exercises, or they will damage your eyes.
  • Lindsay


    I suggest you to remove your contacts before doing some eye exercise because you may abrade the surface of your eyeballs and eyelids. You can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes if you feel dryness in your eyes. You can look at the distance to relieve your eye fatigue. You can move your eyeballs to practice your eyes. But don't rub or massage your eyes when you are with your contacts.
  • Jada


    Remove the contacts before doing any eye exercise. Eye exercises can help relieve eye fatigue but they can't help improve your eyesight. I suggest you to consult your eye doctor for better suggestions. I heard that lasik eye surgery can cure many vision problems. One of my friends had that surgery a few years ago. Now she has perfect vision. But she told me that she has to apply some artificial tears to lubricate her eyes from time to time. I don't know whether this is the side effects of lasik eye surgery or not. But at least she suffers less when compared with the days she had suffered bad eyesight. So I strongly suggest you to consult your eye doctors immediately. Good luck!
  • Zoe may


    Sweetie, eye exercises can't help improve our eyesight. But they can help relieve eye fatigue. They are also good for maintaining the health of our eyes. It is said that if we maintain the health of our eyes, we are at lower risk to get some eye problems and prevent our eyesight form decreasing dramatically. Contacts are hard foreign objects and they may abrade our eyes when we do some eye exercise. So I suggest you to take off them before doing eye exercise.