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Why does wearing nerdy black glasses become a trend?

I just can't understand why nerdy black glasses are so popular. What makes wearing nerdy glasses become a fashion trend?
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  • baker


    As you can see, the style of daily goods are rapidly changing from time to time, because people tend to get tired of something that has been popular for a long time, what they want is diversity and new stuff! When you understand their increasing demand for merchandise, you will just get used to it. So, nerdy black glasses make people look cooler, and this kind of glasses would sooner or later be out of fashion. But for now, it is just in!
  • Hunter jackson


    The nerdy black glasses are really popular nowadays. Maybe their novel appearance makes it receive a lot of popularity among the young people. The nerdy black glasses are designed in vintage, looking calm because of the black color. Wearing them, you may look gentle and polite. That is the main reason why a lot of people like to wear it.
  • smith


    Most of the people who wear the nerdy black glasses are 80's. They are in pursuit of personality, and follow the trend. In the past, it is so popular to wear the ray-ban glasses which look so cool. The youth today like to change the style into graceful and gentle. And of course they will look younger than before if they wear the nerdy black glasses as the black frame can perfect fusion with the hair and skin.
  • califractal


    Yes, there is no doubt that nerdy black glasses have become a trend. Because they have beautiful styles which you can have many options. Then there are many famous stars who are also wearing nerdy black glasses. So that it makes many people know this kind of glasses. Then when you wear this kind of glasses, they will make you feel comfortable and cool. Maybe it's because of the black color which can give people a cool image. But in my opinion, you don't have to go with the fashion trend, just wear the ones you like best.
  • Rose


    Everyone has their opinions, I think if they are worn correctly they can be very cute! I agree if they are worn wrong then you can look like a total poser, but I like them overall! i think they are very stylish.