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Is walmart a good place to buy prescription glasses?

I find that prescription glasses at walmart are cheaper than those in other eyeglasses shops. I want to buy a pair. I wonder if walmart is a good place to buy prescription eyeglasses.
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  • Shelby


    Yes, it is absolutely a good place to buy the prescription eyeglasses. First of all, its relatively suitable price attracts a lot of customers. You can see from its webstore. When you come into its discount activity, you just feel that you pick up a big cheap. Secondly, the quality of prescription eyeglasses from Walmart is durable, which has been proved by a lot of customers. The above two reasons can give you the strong support to go there and have the prescription eyeglasses.
  • Shelby rodney


    If you want to buy prescription glasses, I will recommend you Walmart. Walmart is a very famous retailer corporation. It has both online store and offline store. So it is very convenient for customer to choose suitable goods. Besides, the quality of goods is controlled strictly by Walmart, so you cannot be worried about the quality of glasses. If you have some trouble about your glasses, you also can get satisfactory after-sale services. Above all, Walmart is a good place for you to buy your prescription glasses.
  • b2jb


    As we all know, Walmart is a supermarket where we can buy everything, so I think it is not professional as the eyeglasses shop. Consequently, I suggest you go to the eyeglasses shop because the worker will not only sell a pair of eyeglasses, but also they will tell you some tips about how to protect your eyes and glasses, which is very important if you get the prescription glasses. Meanwhile, before the pros give you the prescription glasses, they will take you to do an eyes exam. Then you can know the prescription of your eyes is strong or not.
  • Merry


    yes, they are very nice and the prices are good too.
  • Zuluai


    Yes it is a good place to buy lenses. The quality of the lenses are on par with other shops and the price is reasonable. The selection of frame are limited but they have some pretty nice ones .