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Zachary garcia

How to cure squint eye without surgery?

Is there anyway to cure squint eyes? I don't want to take eye surgery? Any other ways?
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  • catchingthought

    The squint eyes are always born to be with. Until now, there is no way except surgery being able to cure the squint eyes. However, if you just want to make the eyes see things clearly and control the eye vision, you can use the special eyeglasses to help you see things clearly and protect your eyes. In a word, if you want to cure the squint eyes, you must accept the surgery.
  • EDGAR Schneider

    As we know that Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes so that both the eyes are not looking in the same direction. Generally speaking, even if you have a surgery, you still need to wear the glasses. For example, if the child has significant refractive error, glasses are a must. In some cases wearing glasses may correct squint. In other cases, wearing glasses help the eyes to see clearly. So in my opinion, if you don't want to have a surgery, you can wear the glasses which can correct your vision and even can relieve your squint eye too.
  • cliffistheshit

    Though you don't want to get surgery to cure your squint eyes ,you have to ask the optometrist for professional treatment guide because squinting often indicate a serious underlying problem that requires professional care. Generally , you will find that the optometrists focus on training the muscles surrounding the eye so that you can move the weaker eye more effectively. So,after receiving instructions, you can do orthoptics exercises at home. But you should keep in mind that vision therapy is a more intensive process that involves retraining not only the eye muscles, but also working with the brain's ability to control eye alignment, focus, movements and information processing. Vision therapy is more effective than home-based exercises alone. Obey the suggestion from optometrists and wish you good luck.

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