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How to remove eye bags without surgery?

I am always bothered with eye bags. What causes that? I use many cosmetics that signs with remove eye bags. But it doesn't work. Is there other way that can help me remove my eye bags except surgery? And how?
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  • John C.

    Eye bags would bother people's life, especially for women. There are some home remedies can instead of surgery to treat eye bags as well. Basically, you should drink enough water to make your body to stay hydrated, because water helps the body flush out toxins to decrease the appearance of eye bags. Or you can place cold tea bags under your eyes for a few minutes to diminish eye bags. Even you can press your eye area slightly to relive eye bags.
  • Tracy

    As we know that Bags under your eyes can make you look old and tired. First, you should have a check on your eyes and say if your eye bags are temporary or not. Because some bags are genetically determined, the only way to make them disappear for good is surgery. But if your bags come and go, especially when you have had a few too many late nights or a little too much to drink, you can make them disappear by changing your habits and employing a few savvy beauty tricks. For example, you can drink plenty of water and limit your alcohol consumption to one drink a night because dehydration can cause under-eye bags.
  • rashmi kumari

    how to remove eye bas without surgery iam only 26 and there is a deep eye bags under my eyes. can laser fix the problem permanently. which is good place for any tipe of laser suggested by you.

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