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Angela green


How to remove a speck from my eye?

There is a speck in my eyes. It is painful. How can i get rid of them?
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  • eisenstiefel


    For your situation, you can find a clean glass, filled with salt water (use warm water and put a pinch of salt on it) and then immersed it in your eyes, rotating, blinking your eye, or you may use the eye drops to wash the things out. At last, you should close your eyes and have a rest. If you still feel painful after doing all of that, you should search help from the doctors.
  • Alexa


    It is not a difficult job. Just follow the steps. Firstly, wash your hands with soap and water to keep them clean. Secondly, make your eye widely open by grasping your upper lashes and lightly pulling your upper lid down. Thirdly, keep your head up and pour a tiny stream of warm water into your eyes to remove the speck. Fourthly, if it failed, you can gently remove it with a soft and clean tissue or swab. Remember not to rub your eyes no matter how much it may itch and give your eyes a break after the process. Once you find you can not handle the problem by yourself or it becomes serious, you should go to see a doctor right now.
  • elstrider


    You should firstly wash your eyes with clean water. Then what you should do is to make your eyes open big with your thumb and index of the left hand. Next, use your finger of the right hand to take the speck out of the eye. During this movement, you should do carefully. A mistaken direction may let your eyes water. Following this step can you remove the speck from your eyes.