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Can i wear contact lenses if i have pinguecula?

I have pinguecula? But i am also poor sighted. I always wear eyeglasses. But now, i am going to attend a party. Can i wear contact lenses? Will it hurt my eyes or make pinguecula more serious?
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  • Carlos quick


    In my personal opinion, I suggest you not to wear contact lenses till the disease disappears and your eyes recovery. But I strongly suggest you pay full attention to the eyes hygiene, because such kind of eye disease is caused by virus mostly. The contact wearing now will aggravate the disease, so please keep away from the contacts just now and give your eyes recover change and time, when let your eyes healed for certain period of time, use eye drops to cure till your eyes complete ok, then you can use contacts.
  • walgreens_1


    If you have pinguecula, I suggest you not to wear the contact lenses because your conjunctiva is not healthy. And your situation may causes the contact lenses stick on the eyeballs which intense the pinguecula. However, if you really want to be beautiful and gorgeous in the party, you can wear the contact lenses for several hours, not long enough.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    Well, seriously speaking, your eye disorder is so severe that I suggest you stay away from contact lenses. You don't wanna take the potential risk to do that, do you? I quite understand your feeling, but I do recommend you not wear contacts. Perhaps framed glasses , if they are well designed, will give you better appearance. However, if you insist, you should consult the doctor before making the decision.