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Erin rupert

How much are prescription glasses at boots?

Does Boots provide prescription eyeglasses? How much do they charge for most of their eyeglasses?

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  • b1g_head

    According to the different quality at the lenses, designs of the eyeglasses, materials at the frames and so on, the price of prescription eyeglasses may be ranging from $15 to $100. If you want to own the eyeglasses with good quality at both the frames and the lenses, you may prepare a little more money.
  • Nathan

    Yes Boots can provide prescription eyeglasses. You can take a look at its official website: ,and at the department of glasses, there are different kinds of glasses sold online or in local stores, such as glasses for women , glasses for men , glasses for children and prescription sunglasses. And the prices ranges from about 25 to 259 pounds, and a lot of them are at about 79 pounds. You can choose one online according to your own taste. Hope it will be helpful for you.

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