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Melissa garcia

What can i do to remove scratches from maui jim sunglasses?

My maui jim sunglasses got some scratches? Is there any idea to remove that scratches? Please help.
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Answers (4)

  • entaliden

    If your scratches on the maui jim sunglasses are light, you can use the toothpaste and clean cloth to move them out. This can be the most easy and direct way to solve this problem. If the scratches are big, you'd better change the coating part of the sunglasses. Or else, there is no way to move the big scratches out of the sunglasses.
  • dale

    As we know, most of sunglasses lenses covered with lenses coating which makes it easy to get starches. So, if you want to remove scratches, you have to remove the coating on the lenses too. That are likely make you sunglasses loss its function of UV protection or glares filtering. So, if there are scratches on the lenses, you'd better get new sunglasses for better eye protection especially in Sun.
  • Jose joyce

    It depends on the type and the position of scratches. If there is a just scratch aroused by dirt or dust and the scratch is just make the lenses obscure, it is easy to remove. Put some toothpaste on a piece of cotton cloth and wipe out the scratch with it. Then, rinse sunglasses under the tap. Spray special detergent on it and dry the water on it. Don't wipe at the last step. Then, for a more complicated situation, the recovery will be harsher. If sunglasses are scratched by some objects with sharp edge, such as the situation can be terrible as the scratch is done on the surface and irreversible. If the scratch is on the frame, you can go to a glasses store or factory. They have polishing machine and could polish the frame. But if the scratch is on the lenses, they won't polish the lenses as it will thin the lenses and the function of sunglasses will be destroyed. Thus, the scratch on the lenses can not be removed.
  • Diane Bradstock

    Actually, dirt can actually create fine scratches on the lenses. So, here I kindly suggest you to clean the lenses regularly keeps dust and dirt from building up. Dust and dirt also contribute to eye strain since the wearer has to work harder to see past the debris. However, you can also follow the below steps to get off the scratches on the lenses. Rinse lenses regularly under warm water to wash loose dirt and dust away. Use mild dish soap in small amounts to wash lenses gently. Rinse lenses well to avoid building up soap film. Dry with a soft cloth.

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