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Can pink eye (conjunctivities) cause a fever?

I see my eyes appearing red. my mom told me it is pink eyes. But i also got a fever. Is that caused by pink eyes?
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  • Cassidy

    Fever and pink eyes have some relationship to some degree. Summer is the multiple season for getting pink eye which is a bacterial infection. You'd better take some medicine, keep on using eyedrops and have a good rest. First of all, you should get the fever out. At the same time, you may treat the pink eyes.
  • Beth

    As we know, pink eyes is actually a conjunctivitis. It is a condition where the conjunctiva becomes inflamed and turns red. They are more common to happen in children. Of course, there are adult suffered from pink eyes. Usually, the pink eyes will always accompanied with a fever. It is a sigh of an infection. If you got such pink eyes, you'd better visit an doctor and get it treated immediately.

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