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Mark Burns

Can wearing contact lenses cause cataracts?

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Answers (2)

  • Maye

    Wearing contact lenses does not cause cataract. Most of the reasons causing the cataract are related with the ultraviolet ray, nothing related with the contact lenses. If the inspect content you see is fuzzy, the lens may be precipitate or your eyes get the keratitis. You need to stop wearing contact lenses. And it is necessary for you to go to a hospital to have a check.
  • Logan quick

    Yes, it could cause that. Due to the contact lenses past its expiry date and you still wear them in daily life, or you use unclean hands to touch your contacts and wear on your eyes, or you use expiry contact lubricants to clean them. On the other hand, you don’t remove your contact lenses overnight. These factors can easy cause cataracts.

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