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Cameron smith

Are maui jim sunglasses made in japan

Do you know maui jim sunglasses? Are they made in Japan? What's your opinion about maui jim sunglasses, are they good?
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Answers (3)

  • Jason warren

    The company was originally based in Maui, Hawaii. All frame and lens manufacturing is done in Italy and Japan. The frame materials and lenses require the technology and quality that these countries have provided in the optical industries for over 50 years. All frame designs are from the U.S., Italy and Japan. The state of the art prescription lab in Peoria, Illinois processes all of our prescription sun eyewear. In my mind, firstly, maui Jim sunglasses are of excellent quality and fashion design. Most people like to wear this brand. Hope this helpful.
  • Katelyn owen

    As we know, the maui jim sunglasses belong to the the American products. However, some of them are made in Japan which is regarded as the processing branch company. Taking the cost in both the human resource and selling into consideration, Japan' companies make the maui jim sunglasses which are good at both the design and the quality.
  • Melissa garcia

    Well, such kind of question is a little bit subjective. Perhaps its name looks like a Japanese one, but actually, it is an US brand, which is famous for its polarized sunglasses. So, on the whole, they are made in the USA. Personally speaking, as you know, its good at producing sunglasses, so I mean, if you need, you should try to buy them, if you are financially well off and their price would not be too expensive. My advice is that as long as you wanna buy sunglasses, you might as well pay a personal visit to see which one you are into.

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