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How do you make my eyes look less tired?

I always work a long time in front of computer, and feel very tired. Is there any way that can make my eyes look less tired?
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  • walkingtragd


    First, make sure eight hours of sleep and drink a lot of water everyday. Second, have a break after a long time working in front of computer and look the scenery in the distance for your eyes relax. Third, drinking green tea can also make your eyes looks refreshed and well rested. Fourth, make up also can make your eyes brighter and less tired. And if you want know more information about make-up tips about how to make your eyes look less tired, you can visit
  • Chenely


    Well, looks like you really have to work with a computer for a long time, so I have got some advice for you. To relieve your discomfort, you can take some breaks during your working hours, perhaps several minutes each time, during each break, you might as well drink some coffee, breath some fresh air outside, look at some plants or some walk around, all of these help to refresh your mind, and will make your eyes look less tired. Also, as you face computer in the day time, I suggest you do not use computer after work. Just give your eyes some time to rest. Hope this helps you.
  • edjuice


    You can use some eyedrops to release the tired symptom. Or else, you can close your eyes for a rest. In addition, if your office building is high, you can just open at the far place through the window. In a word, you'd better stop working and using your eyes after an hour before the computer.